3 Things.

February 15, 2011

3 things that made me happy yesterday: the sun, honeysuckle, and hearts.

Not to get all soppy, but I honestly couldn’t imagine a better Valentine’s Day than the one we just experienced. It had not much to do with love (though I did get some very sweet texts from my honey), but the gorgeous weather. I’ve been itching for spring since summer ended. I don’t mind winter, except when it takes forever to transition back into spring, then it pisses me off. Yesterday, though, was a preview of what I hope is to come. I got to spend my lunch break with the lovely Steff, which made my day quite thoroughly. Nothing like catching up with a friend in the park to lift your spirits. But besides being absolutely glorious on Monday, I noticed something: the sun was still out at 5pm when I left the office. Utterly amazing, I could still feel the warmth on my face. I think I can deal with just about any temperature, as long as there is light. Soon, my lovelies, soon we shall have the beautiful weather again. I’m counting the seconds.

To make things even more wonderful, I found a fantastic perfume that I’ve become obsessed with. Demeter, a fragrance company, specializes in making scents that you wouldn’t normally find on the shelves. Stuff like “Laundromat” or “Grass,” this is for someone who wants to smell fresh and clean. They do have some floral and fruity scents, but to me nothing compared to their honeysuckle. It didn’t smell like artificial honeysuckle, it smelled like I was right next to the plant itself. I don’t know how long I stood in that Duane Reade just sniffing the bottle. Will definitely get it for myself ASAP, it’s a must have. I honestly think that if love had a scent, it would smell like honeysuckle.

Whether it’s Valentine’s or not, I love hearts. Very girly, I know, but it’s true. Nothing brightens me up more than seeing hearts or stars wherever I go. So, even if I’m in the middle of singledom, Valentine’s Day never bugged me. It indulged my love of hearts with no reprisal. I figured since my last blog was all gross pictures (had to be done, I make no apologies, and really, the subject was interesting), I’d post something a bit more pleasant. Sunday I went through my weekly ritual of a self-manicure. I work all week and I go to class on Saturdays, so Sunday is really the only time I can be frivolous, when I can sleep late, watch tons of crap television and, yes, pamper myself a little. Though this was not so much pampering as it was three hours of intense nail care. But the effect, in the end, was worth it, I think:


What do you think?


One Response to “3 Things.”

  1. Mark said

    Nice work. Keep it up and before long you’ll have to publish a collection of your best works.

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