Daff: The Sequel

April 16, 2011

When the first Daff video was made, I didn’t think I’d be making another one so soon. But another one is made and again, I apologize for any seizures, spontaneous sanguination via the tear duct or ear canal, or intense hallucinatory flashbacks that may be caused from watching my attempt at acting.

Let me tell you, when I set out with Sally to make this video, I didn’t think it would end up being a lesson in what NOT to do in film-making. I believe we made every single rookie mistake in the book. The fact that it came out halfway decent is more a testament to the equipment and the other people involved, rather than any sort of foreknowledge or technique.

Anyway, on to the show!

Daff’s Complete Dictate-Over REVISED COPY from Samantha Gomez on Vimeo.


One Response to “Daff: The Sequel”

  1. j said

    hilarious! I love the way it came out. We should find some type of goofy music that can be “Daff’s Theme” 🙂

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