Concepts Week 11 (12? I’m so confused): Building an Interactive Space

April 30, 2011

Creating websites is not a foreign concept to me. My first one, I think, was when I was 15 years old. It was a geocities site (remember those? Nah, didn’t think so) and it featured random snippets of my writing and lots of pictures of the Backstreet Boys. Don’t judge me, I was a teenager in love. Anyway, I promptly lost interest in the site and it sort of went the way of the dinosaur. Even more so now, considering that Yahoo decided to destroy all of the nostalgia by getting rid of geocities completely. A few years later I started up another one, on a hosting site that I can’t recall. Again, it had more snippets of writing, but no signs of boybands anywhere. Finally, I helped design a website for a class project in college to show off Little Italy in the Bronx. The site never went live, but it was well-received by those who saw it. Since then, I have only put up blogs here and there, writing when I can and letting them drift away when I got bored or busy.

I think, if I were to start up another website, I’d want it to primarily showcase the jewelry that I’ve made, hopefully turning it into a shop where I can sell new pieces. Granted, I haven’t had much time to work on my admittedly novice jewelry making, but when the time comes that is something I would like to do. In terms of perhaps making an app to go with this, if I had the ability to do something like that, I would probably like to create something to help novice jewelers know what supplies they’re getting when they are out shopping. It’s simple to say that a London Blue Topaz is Grade AA and will cost $X.00. But, unless you know what the terminology means, you could end up getting gouged on the price and not even realize it. This can become most handy if you live anywhere that has bead stores or metal supplies. My app, which has no name right now, would be a handy reference guide that can give the user a quick tutorial on how to spot different grades of stone and how much those are worth on the market. I would also include something to give the user an idea on how much copper, silver, gold, etc. is worth to dollars. This can prove useful not only when picking up wholesale supplies, but later on when someone wants to sell their work, they know how much the piece is worth in terms of the stones and metal used.

Perhaps there are already apps like this elsewhere, but if there aren’t, I think this could be of great use to someone who doesn’t know a lot about how jewelry supplies are priced. Maybe this isn’t world-changing stuff, but I would certainly find it useful and perhaps someone else would, too!


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