Maybe I spoke too harshly?

January 27, 2012

Ok, so in my last post, when I told the Year of the Dragon to “bring it,” I meant it as an affirmation of strength. Last year beat me down a lot and I was proud that I was able to get through it. So, I wanted to end with a statement that reflected that pride and that fortitude. What that was not intended to be, however, was a challenge. I wasn’t trying to goad 2012 into throwing all its got at me before we even enter February. And yet, here I am, at home recovering from both a really bad cough that I had been dealing with for a few weeks, but also rather debilitating food poisoning from eating a bad batch of Belgian fries on Wednesday. Now, I won’t name the place that I went to where I got the fries, because I have eaten there a bunch of times and I’m sure this is a one-off event. But even so, the result of that fateful lunch was me having to stagger out of my first class of the semester a good two hours early, barely able to stand, let alone make my way back home. Though make it back I did, but not before clearing out at least one subway car and one Metro-North car. In the future, if you ever see someone getting sick on a train, try to help them out, or at least show some compassion. It’s more than likely that person is incredibly ill like I was and unable to hold out until reaching a bathroom.

To say the food poisoning sucks is, I can very well imagine, an understatement. After I got home, I still dealt with stomach spasms at regular intervals until I was so drained (literally, I guess) that I could only pass out for a few hours at a time. The next day, though not so sick, I was still weak as a newborn kitten and hit with a bone-deep ache that I just couldn’t shake.

So yeah, I was trying to be strong, but please, don’t give me more than I can handle. I may have survived this time, but next time? I honestly can’t be too sure. I’ve spent two days at home away from work, but am only just now starting to really recover. Thank God it wasn’t any worse or I think I would have needed to go to the hospital.

In other news, I have started a new semester and I’m actually pretty happy with the new classes. Hopefully I won’t be so anxious all the time as I was last time. I’ll keep you posted on those when I actually get to sit through a class all the way through.

New year, bring it! But…not too much.


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