Design: Representing an Unrepresented People

February 28, 2012

For this week, one of the assignments that I need to work on is to design a flag for an unrepresented people using Adobe Illustrator. As it took me two years to just become somewhat proficient in Photoshop, which I still maintain I learned through sheer force of will, you can imagine my chagrin and frustration. But, overall, the project wasn’t as bad as I had thought it would be once I got the hang of it. The next step in that case was to choose my unrepresented people. Well, as you’ll see below, I decided to choose a people that are just crying out for help, that lash out at the world because no one will help their plight. Whether that plight is that no one agrees with their un-researched opinions or that no girl will ever touch them willingly, they will forever fight to be heard.

Yes, the people I chose for this flag project is the Internet Flame Troll.


I chose a relatively simple design for this project. A lit match as an obvious reference to their flaming tactics, plus the famous (or infamous) Forever Alone Troll Face adorning the top. It is my hope that this once nameless, faceless group can now have a symbol of solidarity to cling to.


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